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As a well-known Native American environmentalist, economist and writer, Winona LaDuke has inspired thousands to stand up for peace and their right to natural re-sources. Her work on tribal land claims, habitat preservation, and the rights of women and children is prolific. She graduated from Harvard University in 1982 with a degree in Native Economic Development. In 1989, she started the White Earth Land Recovery Project in an effort to help her Ojibwe community reclaim land and manage their re-sources. Four years later she founded Honor The Earth, a native-led organization that raises awareness about indigenous issues. In 1996 and 2000, she ran for vice presi-dent of the United States as a Green Party nominee, on a ticket headed by Ralph Nader.


  • Defending The Amazon
  • An Activist's Last Days
  • All Female Poacher Patrol
  • On Climate Change
  • Forgotten in the Fallout
  • Climate Change Impacts Women the Most
  • Food + Water Equals Earth
  • Piping Up to Pipelines
  • Honor the Earth
  • Saving Our Elephants
  • Honoring Ancestors
  • When Women Fight for Land


  • Equal Pay
  • The Mother of All Questions
  • The Sexual Misery of the Arab World
  • The Gambia Bans FGM
  • A World Without Reproductive Rights
  • Expectant Mothers and Femicide
  • Insults and Rape Threats
  • When the Church Owns your Doctor
  • Immigrant Women Lead
  • Femicide is Not a Myth
  • Escape From Boko Haram
  • Reclaiming the Feminine Divine
  • When Abortion is Banned
  • Understanding Fast Fashion
  • Made in Bangladesh


  • New Systems Change
  • The Next System
  • Economic Democracy
  • Living Legacy of Machismo
  • Cultural Systems
  • A Living Earth Economy